Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Should Analyse their HR Data

Agile HR Analytics 3.0-Training

Analysing HR data can set businesses ahead of the competition in their industry. It helps with the identification of areas in need of improvement for the better running of operations. Using HR data analytics can reveal the efficiency of business operations. This has resulted in the growth of HR data analysis among modern businesses. Here are […]

Main KPIs for HR & People Analytics Dashboards


In today’s environment organizations generate large volumes of data. It’s important to analyze and highlight necessary information in order to measure efficiency, productivity and other factors of improvement.  That’s when KPIs come into action. They help to visualize data and make it easier to understand. Let’s see what is KPI in HR environment: HR KPIs […]

HR 3.0 – Are you ready to transform?

Agile HR Analytics 3.0 Summary

A business imperative and a paradigm shift. In a business landscape characterized by near constant disruption, HR 3.0 is the next evolutionary step. The radical reinvention of Human Resources is a critical imperative for organizations, especially now: more than two thirds of the executives surveyed say that the global HR function is ripe for disruption. Here, […]