Three ways people analytics can support a hybrid workforce

Elon Musk might not be a fan of a remote workforce, reportedly telling Tesla executives to return to the office or resign. But Musk’s resistance to remote working stands in contrast to many other employers, who’ve long since realised the office doesn’t have to be the only place where work gets done. Take Atlassian. The […]

Migration options when moving from SQL Server On-prem to Azure.

If you are currently running an On-premise version of SQL Server, and looking to migrate to the cloud, what are your options?  The answer, as any good consultant will tell you, depends. Are you looking to take advantage of built-in high availability, built-in disaster recovery, reduce operating costs, remove administration overhead, or modernize your data […]

How to use HR data insights to combat the Great Resignation and keep top talent

The ‘Great Resignation’ has been spreading its tentacles worldwide. Elmo Employee Sentiment Index found 43% plan to search for a new job in 2022 and 19% plan to quit their current job whether or not they have another one lined up. The reports cite COVID-19 as a factor in employees’ decisions, with workers resigning for […]

How People Analytics Creates Diversity and Workforce Productivity

How People Analytics Creates Diversity and Workforce Productivity Two of the world’s biggest management consulting groups have found a simple way for companies to increase their workforce productivity. It’s to take diversity and inclusion more seriously. Studies from McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group found that companies with above-average levels of ethnic and gender diversity were […]

Why finance should adopt Power BI to drive Business performance

The Reasons Why Finance Should Adopt Power BI To Drive Business Performance? Power BI is a world-class business intelligence tool that helps Finance teams to deliver better insights and dynamic reporting. When Finance adopts Power BI within the organisation, it can have many advantages such as: 1. The Power BI Desktop application is easy to […]

The reporting capabilities for finance teams using Power BI

The Reporting Capabilities for Finance Teams Using Power BI Here are some of reporting capabilities that Power BI can help Finance with; Dynamic Financial Statements with advanced ratio analysis – the ability for Finance to access its reporting via Power BI helps them to speed up the month end accounts process and delivery of key […]