Why finance should adopt Power BI to drive Business performance

The Reasons Why Finance Should Adopt Power BI To Drive Business Performance? Power BI is a world-class business intelligence tool that helps Finance teams to deliver better insights and dynamic reporting. When Finance adopts Power BI within the organisation, it can have many advantages such as: 1. The Power BI Desktop application is easy to […]

The reporting capabilities for finance teams using Power BI

The Reporting Capabilities for Finance Teams Using Power BI Here are some of reporting capabilities that Power BI can help Finance with; Dynamic Financial Statements with advanced ratio analysis – the ability for Finance to access its reporting via Power BI helps them to speed up the month end accounts process and delivery of key […]

A checklist for finance when considering Power BI for finance analytics

A Checklist for Finance When Considering Power BI for Finance Analytics For those Finance teams that are looking at implementing Business Intelligence in their business with Power BI in mind can use these questions as a guideline. We have broken these questions into 8 key parts for you to work through. Part 1 – Purpose […]

Agile Analytics ranks #5 in the 2021 CRN Fast50

Agile Analytics ranks #5 in the 2021 CRN Fast50 The CRN Fast50 recognises the fastest-growing companies in the Australian technology industry, based on year-on-year revenue growth. Agile Analytics achieved a 133% revenue increase in the Financial Year 2021 which ranked the company as #5 in the CRN Fast50. Iman Eftekhari, the founder and Director of […]

Announcing the new Fundraising and Engagement solution from Microsoft

In  October 2020,  Microsoft announced the release  of the Fundraising and Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales  solution.  This article provides an overview of how this milestone is just the next step on the journey to better serve nonprofit organizations with high  quality  technical solutions,  designed  specifically to address  industry needs. Read More…

ESPMD – Data & Information Analytics and Insights

ESPMD Performance Dashboard Summary Tab

Are you realising the value of the data created from digitization to obtain credibility from your executives? 1/3 of executives do not trust the data and analytics presented to them. The value of data can be unlocked through the adoption of the DIKW model. When organizations digitize they increase exponentially the variety, velocity, and volume […]

Power BI Tips with Expert Kane Snyder

Not All Power BI Reports were created equal. Follow these 5 simple tips to take your reporting to the next level. Spend time on the data modelling – The most common thing I see in reports with issues is poor data modelling and bidirectional relationships.  Spending the time to create a proper star schema and relationships […]

Importance of Advanced Analytics in Retail

Personalising the customer experience is a key element of the current retail landscape. This presents significant organisational challenges for decision-makers, which can limit data sharing and lead to teams working in silos. Decision makers need to have access to a company dashboard to help them manage their stores and keep track of performance and customer […]