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How To extract NetSuite Data using Web tables in Azure Data Factory

Chathura (Chat) Wijesinghe is an Azure BI Developer & Data Architect with over 16 years of BI development experience. Chat shares these simple tips on extracting NetSuite Data, with the use of Azure Data Factory web tables.


If you are a NetSuite ERP user who wants to extract NetSuite data into a SQL Database without the use of a expensive ODBC Connector, this method will assist in achieving that.

The method explained here is to use the ‘Enable Web Query’ functionality of NetSuite reports.


Step 1: Create a report in NetSuite with required data to be extracted or use an existing report.

Step 2: Enable Web Query functionality on the report by going into customize report and additional options.

Step 3: Generate a .iqr file by clicking on the icon to generate .iqr file, and copy it to a local folder.

Step 4: Open the local copy of the .iqr file in a text editor to copy the url. Modify the URL to look like below. Replace the email address with the respective email address that has permissions to access NetSuite.

Step 5: You can now test the link address on a browser window to see whether the output report is generated in HTML format.

Step 6: Now it’s time to configure the Azure Data Factory pipeline to run a simple copy command, to copy the output data from NetSuite.

Create a Web table link service and configure the self-hosted integration run time and paste the URL in the url text box. Select ‘anonymous’ for the authentication type. Configure the sink as SQL Database link service. The pipeline can be run by setting the necessary table mappings.


This blog was influenced by Charles Webb’s blog post on Extracting NetSuite data to Power BI

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