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Microsoft Power BI DA-100 – Exam Tips from the Agile Analytics Team

MS Certificate Power BINowadays, Certification is essential for Data Analysts to increase knowledge and proficiency of using Power BI as well as to demonstrate and prove it. Getting Certified Data Analyst Certification requires a very wide and advanced set of skills and efforts.

There are many sources and materials which you can use in order to prepare for this exam. It is best to use Microsoft website materials and exam guides.

We also decided to collect the best tips and practices from our consultants who successfully passed this exam and received their certifications at the beginning of this year. It may be useful for you to use their approach.

The first set of tips come from Ruben Sanchez who works for Agile Analytics as a BI & Data Visualisation Consultant. He received a very high number of points in January 2021. Here is what he suggests doing in order to pass it:

“After a thorough search of insightful sources, I found this article which has a link to several websites and materials that you can use to prepare.

It also has a breakdown of each section of the exam, all extracted from the MS page with links to answer those questions.

What I did is, I highlighted those sections which I wasn’t completely sure about and checked the related material from that website. I ended up learning a thing or two in the process.

Apart from those tips, I would also recommend opening a program or Power BI service and check it all yourself. It works the best for questions like user permissions, sharing, connecting to data sources, etc.”

Artiom Takuev has also passed the DA-100 exam with a very high score in January 2021. Artiom is a Principal Consultant at Agile Analytics, and an experienced Data Analyst with a very wide experience in Power BI. Below you can read his advice on how to successfully pass the exam:

“I passed the exam without any preparation based on my knowledge and hands-on experience and mostly logic. Perhaps for everyone, a good starting point might be checking the official exam page. You should search for the section with the list and a good description of measure skills as well as the learning path with free learning materials and quizzes. If one can confidently pass the quizzes from the first attempt and is familiar with the presented materials the chances for success are quite good”.

Mohammad Nasiri also shares his insights on successfully obtaining DA-100 Certification. Mohammad works for Agile Analytics as Data Scientist. He worked with Tableaue and other tools but has less than 1 year of experience working with Power BI. Below are his valuable tips:

“Firstly, I would suggest analysing JSON files with Power Query which you can find here. My second advice would be to find out what query is folding in Power BI. Last but not least you should learn how to use Parameter in Power BI. This link would help you do that.”

We believe that the tips that our Consultants have kindly shared with us will come in useful for you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will see how we can assist.

Good luck with your preparation from Agile Team!

Links and Sources:

  1. DA-100 Exam Study Guide:
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  3. Analyse the JSON File with Power Query:
  4. Incremental refresh in Power BI:
  5. Using parameters:

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