Dealers Insights

What can’t be measured can’t be managed

Our Dealers Insights solution – powered by Microsoft Power BI – reduces your dependency on IT. It helps you to rapidly see the data you need so you can easily read it, understand it and act on it.

AI-enabled Q&A feature let you go deeper with your data and explore it in more comprehensive ways by asking  questions in plain English and get results in form of charts, maps or tables.

There’s no need to learn a new tool. In no time, your business users will be able to easily create actionable and insightful reports and your dealers can use them at any place on any device, including mobile.

Why Agile Dealers Insights Solution?

Dealers Insights

Single View of Sales &

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Dealers Insights



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“With the Dealer Insights Dashboard I can now drill down to understand contributing factors for top and bottom performers and make improvements to lift overall Dealer Network performance.”

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