FinancIAL Analytics

Cloud-based reporting solution in Power BI

Agile Analytics’ “Financial Analytics” solution – built on Microsoft Power BI, gives you up-to-date visibility of your financial data, and deeper insights into your key performance indicators.

You can quickly see how you are performing month-to-date and year-to-date against your selected budget type, drill-down to different GL levels, filter by Cost Centres, and quickly identify the issues to take corrective actions.

Why Agile Finance Analytics Solution?

Finance Summary Dashboard Power BI

Summary Dashboard

Identify issues at top level

The Summary Dashboard gives you a summary view of all your key metrics on one page.

You can quickly see how you are performing month-to-date (MTD) and year-to-date (YTD) against your targets.

For instance, metrics performing badly against the budget or target, are highlighted in red, so you know where you need to focus your attention. The dashboard also allows you to select from different business units or Cost Centres. You can also see different versions of the budget or forecast. These selections will automatically flow through to the other reports.

Profit and Loss (P&L)


The Profit & Loss Analysis shows which levers are impacting your profit.

We can see here that while Total Services Suppliers Expense is higher than budgeted, revenue is better than budgeted and therefore the overall net profit is better than budgeted. 

Agile Analytics’ Financial Analytics solution built on Power BI gives you the basis for an automated solution that quickly lets you see on a page how you are performing with up-to-date data so that you can respond to issues or opportunities immediately without waiting for end of month report or needing to do work manually in Excel.

Finance Profit and Loss Dashboard Power BI
Finance Analytics

Self-service Reporting

Build your own reports

You can build your own reports using an easy drag & drop reporting canvas in Power BI.

You can also connect to this model from Excel and see your data in a secure way. 


Actual vs. Budget / Target and Variance

The Monthly Breakdown shows results for key financial metrics month-on-month.

You can quickly see a visual representation of actual versus budget month by month.

You can drill down on-line items that are of concern for you. 

Our Clients’


“As a Finance Analyst, I needed a better way to analyse our financial data to steamline our reporitng process. I have found Agile Analytics Power BI Finance dashboard templates very easy to use and cost effective. Now I can refresh my data automaticaly which is saving me at least 4 hours per week!”

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