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Why Power BI Training is Important

Why Power BI Training is Important

It isn’t difficult to understand that businesses are able to improve their everyday decisions when they are armed with business insights from their organisational data. Once data has been processed and visualised in a useful way, it can be properly applied. The latest in data analytics technology – such as Microsoft Power BI – makes this easy! However, the journey to useful business insights from fantastic data analytics tools can be an unnecessarily long one without support or training. This is why training employees on how to best use your chosen data analytics tool is essential to “hit the ground running”, save time, and get the most out of your data. 

Starting at the Bottom 

From the very beginning of the data analytics process there are steps that need to be correctly completed before any insights are discovered. Your organisation’s data needs to be in “good shape”. This means all data is accurate, up to date, and useful. If this phase of the data analytics journey is not set up correctly, then any future business decisions may be based on incorrect or untrue insights. Data quality is key! Training on how to properly connect to your databases and clean and shape the data will ensure that everything going in to Power BI is going to produce good insights coming out.  

Save Time with Real-Time 

In the past even business intelligence experts struggled to generate actionable and up-to-date insight from older BI tools. The usefulness of your organisation’s data decreases as time passes – when current data is not used to make business decisions at that point in time. These days it is not enough to embrace your data. Data must be analysed quickly or even in real-time to reach its full impact. For example, sales staff should have instant access to up-to-date figures to support their cases when selling to clients. You wouldn’t want a potential client to move on due to a lag in relevant data being provided to them. Having instant data access enables organisations to maintain a competitive advantage. Power BI training provides users with the knowledge on how to organise data so that what is visualised is always up to date with the latest data. Training allows enables a full understanding of the importance of “data refreshing” on Power BI and how to produce always-relevant data analysis and visualisation.  

What Am I Looking At? 

Once your data is in good shape across your databases, then it all comes down to presenting it in such a way that business insights are easily seen – in a visual. With any data analytics tool it can take some time to understand the intricacies of how to put information together in the best way in a good amount of time and in its most appropriate format. Good training allows users of Power BI to skip the phase of “figuring it out as you go” and learn the best practices of data visualisation. Training not only helps new Power BI users to see the best way to visualise their business data, but to use new features that may put an organisation ahead of the curve. Creating effective visualisations can get across the meaning behind the data in such a way that insights are obvious. No need for hours of data analysis when creating visualisations is second-nature on Power BI. 

Access & Security 

Your data is clean and collected, your visualisations are up to date, insightful and effective… what now? Power BI training provides users with the knowledge to share their data analytics dashboards with others. Those who receive access to the dashboards inside or outside the organisation can view and interact with the dashboard or report but cannot share it themselves or edit it (unless permission is given). This may seem simple but what about keeping your data and insights safe? Proper Power BI training teaches users how to customise dashboard access. It is essential to keep private data secure and with Power BI training users can learn how to keep all dashboards and reports secure whilst enabling an “open-access” situation within the organisation.  

Hit the Ground Running 

From initial data cleaning and collection, to ensuring your data insights are available based on the most recent data, to building the most effective visualisations for getting useful business insights, and finally to keeping your analytical dashboards and reports within your chosen circles, Power BI training can make this journey more enjoyable and seamless. Agile Analytics provides Power BI training for starters and more experienced users. Our trainers are industry experts and base their training off real-life scenarios that are the most useful for our trainees. We run bimonthly public training sessions on our premises in Sydney’s CBD but also offer a more in-depth in-house training option. Our sessions cover Power BI from A to Z and allow your organisation to take your data analytics from merely functional to advanced for insights that put you ahead of your competitors.  

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