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BI implementation for a national distributor

About the company

The company is an importer and distributor of OEM (original equipment manufacturers), genuine & aftermarket spare parts. Established over 50 years ago, as an importer of spare parts for one manufacturer, it has since grown into a major supplier of automotive spare parts to the Australian market.

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The Challenge

Data was stored in various systems with no easy way for business managers to access timely and accurate information about where the parts are stored, movement between branches as well as how each branch and product group is performing.

The Solution

By automatically extracting required data from the  various systems, merging the data into a single model and presenting the data in Power BI, management are able to get fast and accurate insights to better understand business operations and make better and faster data driver decisions.

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The Outcome

Business management is now able to get a near real-time view of the business using reports and dashboards based on information that is less than 30 minutes old, drawn from finance, inventory, CRM and sales. Power BI visualises the information in a user-friendly and intuitive way giving users accurate and rich insights into the state of  business operations. Users can easily drill down on the data filtering by branch, state, managers and the different channels: retail, online and dealers, by

different time periods. This drives deeper insights into customers behaviour: comparing periods, regions, branches and customer segments. Sales performance can be measured by products, product groups and categories, different brands and vendors.  These insights lead to improved data driven decision making.

“Products are often moved between branches, so it is important to have up-to-date information about stock in each branch. Inventory location and movement reporting provides visibility of stock availability, by categories and groups. Now managers can easily track how often each product is being picked from a particular branch and how often products move between branches. This has improved inventory and logistics management. "

Built on Microsoft Platform

SQL Server

Power BI

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