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Leading car manufacturer improved bottom line profitability

Using Advanced Reporting and Data Analytics


The Problem

A leading vehicle manufacturer found that their dealer network reporting solution was not driving results. They had all the right data but could not bring it to life. Action was required to enable them to make data driven decisions in a competitive sales environment.

Their static reports could not forecast sales accurately.  This hindered sales executives’ ability to target their efforts on underperforming dealers.


In order to grow their dealer network they needed the ability to identify and support dealers and regions that performed well against key indicators such as sales, customer satisfaction and inventory hold.

The reporting needed an overhaul to allow all members of the Dealer Network to perform what-if analysis to make strategic decisions, rather than just reflect yesterday’s result.

Our Soultion

We built a solution based on Microsoft Data Platform and Power BI and to lift the overall performance of the company’s dealer network.

By comparing dealer performance and forecasting end of month results on a daily basis, the company could identify trends and issues across the group and act to change the outcome.

The Sales Insights Dashboard is now accessible anywhere on any device and optimised for mobile viewing. With over 50% of the workforce only having access through mobile devices, enabling access to insights help Dealers identify which key areas can be adjusted in near real time to meet end of month targets.

Dealers Insights

The Result

Better Visibility to Drive Success
  • Dealers and sales managers can access real-time data to track numbers againts the targets
  • Dealer Network performance has increased in sales and in customer service from sharing successful tactics
  • The head office now spends 80% less time each end-of-month preparing reporting

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