Better Insights to Prevent Road Accidents in NSW

Power BI Enables TfNSW to better Analyse, Predict and take Actions to Prevent Road Incidents


A more efficient system was required for reporting and analysis of the crash data

Implemented years ago, legacy reporting platform did not support reporting needs well enough. In addition to limited analytical capabilities, the system lacked responsiveness and speed. It was not compatible with other information sources, it provided poor user experience and consequently required in-depth training.


A modern BI solution supports better and faster analysis of data. It provides ad-hoc analytical capabilities to the advanced users in addition to the GIS functionality.

As a result, the client adopted this new platform that allows users with various levels of analytical background to track, report and extract insights from the crash data. It increased the transparency of the data and their own productivity for both internal and external uses.


“New flexible, scalable and fully integrated BI platform built on Microsoft Azure and Power BI helps TfNSW to analyse data and discover new insights to take preventive actions.”

Fully Built on Azure

Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Warehouse

Azure SQL DB

Azure Analysis Services

Azure Data Factory

Power BI

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