Function Return Types in Power Query

Power Query

This blog is about function return types in Power Query in Power BI. This article may be more technical than our others but it’s a good read for Power Query enthusiasts or people wanting to make their M code bulletproof. Have you ever modified a column with a function in Power Query where that column […]

Analysing Customer Sales by RANKX() and “What If” Parameters

This post aims to show how to use a combination of the RANKX() function and the Power BI “What-If” parameters to analyse monthly sales to find out which customer has the highest, lowest, and average sales/spending growth. The formula used to calculate the sales trend is: the margin of the current month sales to the […]

Power BI Design Modes – Live Connection

  SQL Server Analysis – Services Database In this mode the model components and definitions such as tables, columns attributes and datatypes, relationships, hierarchies, calculated tables and calculated columns are implemented in a semantic SSAS model and Power BI is used just for report presentation. The measures can be created either in SSAS model or in […]