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Why finance should adopt Power BI to drive Business performance

The Reasons Why Finance Should Adopt Power BI To Drive Business Performance?

Power BI is a world-class business intelligence tool that helps Finance teams to deliver better insights and dynamic reporting.

When Finance adopts Power BI within the organisation, it can have many advantages such as:

1. The Power BI Desktop application is easy to use for developing reports (once you know it)
2. It’s a cost-effective BI platform to implement. Power BI Desktop application is free to download and install.
3. Finance can visualise their data through interactive reports and dashboards
4. They can Import data from just about any data source (115+) such as Excel, Databases, Web etc.
5. Building relational models to merge and append data from multiple sources
6. With the use DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Finance can deep dive into data analytics
7. Connect and transform millions of rows of data
8. Power BI Service (Online) is easily accessible from anywhere at any time on most devices
9. It’s great for data sharing and collaboration so you have more eyes on the numbers

By implementing and learning to use Power BI for Finance analytics the Finance team can:

1. Analyse more data – unlimited rows
2. Learn a new programming language DAX which is powerful at performing analytics
3. Upskill in Business Intelligence skills to future proof careers in the Finance Team
4. Turn raw data into stories that quickly answers the right questions
5. Share dashboards to the cloud with user access rights accessible from different devices
6. Become the go-to resource for business insights to help monitor and drive business performance
7. Better serve your decisions makers with real-time info and self-service capabilities

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